Boarding FAQ

澳门资料大全 offers a co-educational Boarding school from Year 7 to 12.

The Boarding House is located at Marcellin Campus where Years 10 to 12 attend School. Boarders in Years 7 鈥 9 attend Champagnat Campus in Mitchell Park and are transported to and from school by bus every day. Junior Boarders are also collected from after-school sporting and music practices by Boarding Supervisors.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • How and when do I apply for Boarding?

    It is important to submit an application as early as possible as Interviews start 18 months prior to commencement. Please contact Julie Raymond, Personal Assistant to the Director of Boarding聽on 08 8350 2559 to arrange a tour or ask any further questions.

  • What linen do I bring?

    All beds are single size and most boarders us a single fitted sheet and doona. This is personal preference and some Boarders choose to聽have an oversized doona which is fine. See What to Bring list in Boarding Handbook.

  • Do we have to label clothes?

    All clothing and linen items will be labelled by our Laundry with special industrial labels. This is a free service to families and will be done on an ongoing basis as required.

  • Where can I find important dates?

    All important school dates can be accessed via College Calendar.

    Important Boarder dates including Exeats can be accessed via 澳门资料大全 Exeat & Term Dates for Boarding Families.

  • What food is provided?

    The College is dedicated to ensuring nutritious meals for boarders. This includes a variety of healthy choices and making provisions for particular dietary requirements. The College provides breakfast, recess, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and supper daily. The Head Chef is responsible for providing a variety of choices for boarders which includes quality fresh fruit and vegetables daily. Some special themed nights and outings are included.

  • Are students allowed to have their own car?

    澳门资料大全 Boarding House does not allow boarders to have their own car. Year 12 Boarders are permitted to bring cars to the boarding house in Term 4 only. They will give the keys to their Boarding Supervisor and can travel home on the day of their last exam.

  • What happens when a Boarder becomes ill?

    Sacred heart College provides Registered nurses to care for Boarders when they are unwell. The Health Care Centre is a fully equipped facility that caters for the needs of boarding students and is staffed by Registered Nurses. With a regular visiting Doctor and Physiotherapist, boarders can have their health needs catered for on campus. All other appointments are managed through the staff and communicated to the parents/caregivers.

    THE HEALTH CARE CENTRE HOURS OF OPERATION ARE: Monday聽鈥撀燜riday 8.00am to 5.00pm

  • Is there supervised homework?

    There are set study times on Sunday to Thursday night: 6.45PM – 8.15PM First study period – all year levels 8.30PM – 9.30PM Second study period – Year 11 and Year 12 boarders. All Boarders hand in their mobile phones and study in their rooms. Tutors are on hand at this time to support any learning needs and group study support is arranged when needed. School staff provide additional support after school in the Library.

  • What do Boarders do on the weekends?

    澳门资料大全 Boarding is committed to the holistic development of each boarder. The College has extensive co-curricular opportunities which boarders undertake and support. In addition to this the boarding staff provide a number of activities for boarders to engage and help realise their potential. On the weekend many Boarders are involved in School and Club sport as well as taking advantage of our school gymnasium. A wide range of activities are undertaken due to the fortunate position of the school, which include outings to the Beach, shopping on Jetty Road, going to the movies or catching the tram to the Football, Cricket or Baseball. Activities are also arranged with other Boarding Schools including pool parties, games night and socials. Boarders are involved in charity work and also attend Chapel on Sunday.

  • Is there supervision at night time?

    澳门资料大全 runs a separate Girls and Boys boarding house that聽is under the care of a Boys and Girls co-ordinator. Each house has supervisors that extends through the night is under the Direction of the Director of Boarding. During the night 5 staff are on the premises and in peak time up to 10 staff will be here supporting the Boarders.

  • Marist Spirit

    We provide a quality and unique boarding experience that is committed to each boarder鈥檚 holistic development. Our Boarding community is built upon the foundation of the 5 key Marist principles empowering boarders to achieve their true potential academically, personally and spiritually. LOVE OF WORK Staff and students of 澳门资料大全 follow the example of the Marist Brothers who built this College on their LOVE OF WORK. The dedication and commitment that staff show to the boarders inspires a love of learning, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility. FAMILY SPIRIT Each member of our boarding community is valued and will be treated with acceptance and respect. A sense of belonging is fostered and the Sacred Heart FAMILY SPIRIT becomes evident by the genuine and caring relationships in our community. SIMPLICITY We strive to be honest, open and humble in our relationships. We value this SIMPLICITY in our community and recognise it builds integrity where we each value others and ourselves. PRESENCE Our caring staff maintain a PRESENCE during the boarding journey, being caring, attentive and nurturing while taking an active interest in the lives of our boarders. IN THE WAY OF MARY Our community has an opportunity to see Mary, the mother of God, as our role model of being Marist: tender, strong and devoted. We are challenged to live IN THE WAY OF MARY so she may inspire us in our daily lives and our relationships with others. Adapted from ‘In the Footsteps of Marcellin Champagnat: A Vision for Marist Education Today’ (1998) Institute of the Marist Brothers of the Schools.

  • Leave

    During the school term it is important that boarders are able to take leave and family feel they are welcome to access them. The Boarding house operates an electronic leave system called REACH that enables staff to ensure each boarders location at all times. This system enables families to communicate and approve leave for their children and enter travel arrangements for exeat and holiday leave. Requests for leave are approved at the discretion of the Coordinator of Boarding. In the interest of safety Parents are requested not to share their Reach passwords with their sons and daughters.

  • Money

    Some parents/caregivers have asked about pocket money. This is an individual decision for each parents/caregivers and their child. Many parents/caregivers feel it is easier to open a debit card account into which they can deposit money from time to time into their child鈥檚 account and so monitor the spending habits of their son or daughter.

  • Mobile Phones

    Boarders are allowed to use mobile phones under the following conditions; That the mobile phones are handed in to Boarding Supervisors during study time and switched off at the time the Boarding Supervisor indicates for the dorm to quieten for bed at night. Junior boarders hand their mobile phone to the Boarding Supervisor at bed time.

  • Best time to call your Daughter or Son

    3.30pm through to 5.30pm After School and prior to Dinner 8.15pm through to 9.30pm Normies/Year 10s聽鈥撀燼fter study and prior to lights out 9.30pm through to 10.00pm Year 11s/12s聽鈥撀燼fter study and prior to lights out

Personal Assistant to the Director of Boarding

Julie Raymond

08 8350 2559