Our Home

Our Community provides 44 individual rooms and 24 individual cubicles in the girls Boarding House and 62 individual rooms in the boys Boarding House.

All Year 12 Boarders have an individual room. There are also a number of study and leisure areas throughout in the Boarding House. 

Boarders have dinner in their own dining room and are provided breakfast, recess, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper each day. 

Study is a significant priority in our Community and Boarders enjoy the benefits of a set study routine, tutors and access to the teaching staff of the College. 

There is a wide variety of sporting and performing arts opportunities available to the Boarders as well as many clubs and activities that the Boarders can join. The College gymnasium is available to the Boarders at various times each week and Boarders enjoy the Somerton Park beach during the warmer months. A benefit of living in Adelaide enables Boarders to enjoy the national netball league, AFL and many other events.